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Default Re: Jethro's 1964 I1000

Got one more small task done that is a big improvement. Installed a new lock cylinder in the driver's door. There was no key for the old one.

I didn't take any pics.

The cylinder came from LMC and was a pretty straight forward job to replace. There were only a couple issues. The forward door handle screw was rusted in real tight. I had to clean up the hole where the button goes with a needle file so it would slide smooth. And, this was the tricky one, the new snap ring that came with the lock didn't allow the lock to function.

The original lock had a simple wire snap ring. The replacement was a flat ring with holes for snap ring pliers. It all went together easy enough but wouldn't lock. I finally figgered out that the new flat snap ring was holding the retainer down just a wee bit farther than it should. Popped it out and put the original snap ring in and, voila, I can lock my truck.

Now I can put a radio in without worrying about it getting stolen.
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