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Default The 65

Is this a Build? No not really. Its a drivers log. This truck. Purchased for 700 bucks has been a daily use rig for 5 years now. Its averaged about 6000 miles per year. It now has 73.000 miles. So mods. Rear 3.54. Plus a power lock. Milled head. Reground cam. 9.25 compression. Chevy custom steering wheel. And a canopy I got from pull and save for 21 bucks. Its a parts hauler. Test bed for crazy ideas. And it never complains. This old 3/4 ton simply goes and goes. No fancy dizzy. Just the stock points. Last time I popped the cap was in 12. Stromberg carb and oil bath filter work as intended. I change the oil twice a year. Castrol syntec 5-50 . no zinc. Zinc was added in the 60's flat tappet cams are fine. As long as spring pressure is low. These engines are low.. This truck gets used by all my family. Has gone to Portland. Seattle. Montana. Never ever a failure. The wood bed holds parts. The floor mat still looks good. The power steering does not leak a lot. And it goes 70mph all day long. So don't over think these trucks. This is one of many. And it works just as intended by the guys that built it 51 years ago.
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