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I admire the amount of work that you have put into your 64 GMC 1500. I have a nearly identical 1964 truck that I have had for nearly 40 years (from my father) and am still using. You have had all the problems to fix at once, while I have been working on them over the years. Changing the braking system is a good call. I kept the drum brakes but did install a dual master cylinder after a nearly catastrophic loss of hydraulic brakes when one of the front brake hoses cracked open. It is a good thing that the emergency brake on these trucks really does work - but I too had to replace the front cable. My other major projects were new bed wood (the original lasted nearly 30 years and took another 10 or so with plywood over the bed before I got around to replacing it) and I recently installed a Holley 500 two-barrel carburetor that has given a noticeable increase in power at the expense of gas mileage. I installed a fan clutch thinking it might help mileage and engine noise, but haven't noticed a difference. And I put on newer wheels for tubeless radial tires that greatly improved handling and ride. Other work has been more routine - oil changes, grease, hoses, belts, points, plugs, ignition wires, wiper blades, clutch repair, changing water pumps and fuel pumps, etc. Next, I want to switch from the 4.01 to 3.54 rear end gears (as you have already done) with limited slip to help with fewer rpm at highway speed, better use of second (not counting compound low) gear on hills, and better traction in fields. I also have a Pertronix ignition and coil replacement that I hope to get around to installing, plus some gauges, switches, lights, and a new radio. And I have a 351E to rebuild and put in if the 305E ever gives out. With all this, it is a good truck for work, recreation and reminiscing, but I like the ride and convenience of newer cars for every day driving.

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