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Default Oil leaking from top of oil filter canister

I just put my rebuilt 305E back into my 63 truck and it fired right up, but once oil pressure was built up it started leaking (gushing) out of the top of the oil filter canister. I used the new gasket that came with the filter, and it was seated in the groove in the housing nice and flat. I tried a Fram CH106PL filter and then a Wix 51121, but they both had the same issue. So I put two new gaskets on the canister housing and really torqued the bolt down tight, seems to be fine now, but might just leak a little. Before the rebuild I had it running using only ONE gasket on the housing, with no leaking. Anyone know what can be going on here?

I also checked and oil is getting up to the lifter rails so oil is moving around the engine (by the way, I HAD to rotate the crank by hand in order for oil to get up to the rocker rails). For the rebuild I also installed a new Dynagear DM-70 oil pump. I also pulled the oil pump housing back off to make sure I had the pump housing gasket installed correctly, and both holes were not blocked, and oil is coming out of the correct hole in the block. I can also move oil pump housing by-pass valve using my fingers, so that seems to be working too. When I bought the truck the previous owner had two gaskets on the housing, and I've also heard others on here finding two gaskets on their trucks. When you try and put a second gasket on there is doesn't lay flat or fit very well so maybe people weren't accidentally putting two on there.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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