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Default Won't start

I have a problem that has me baffled. I will try to be brief. I have a 63 GMC truck with the 351 V-6. I decided to replace the points and spark plugs as I use it in the winter to plow snow. I installed the points and set them at .016 and the spark plugs at .030. When I got done, it would not start as it had no fire at all. The new points looked exactly like the old ones. For whatever reason, I got a spark back after I put the old points back in but it still wouldn’t start. It would cough and sputter a little but wouldn’t go. I did not take the plug wires off the distributor and changed the plugs one at a time so I do not believe that I crossed any wires. Just to be sure that I hadn’t, I took all the plug wires off the distributor and started over, being very careful to get them as shown in the diagram that I found at <
> Now it pops back through the carb and still won’t start. The truck was running before I changed out the points and plugs so it is obviously something that I have done. This truck is “old school” and shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Can anyone steer me as to what I have done wrong?
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