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Default Re: Won't start

I did not mention the condenser because I did not change it, nor did I replace the distributor cap, mainly because the parts store did not have them on stock. I did replace the rotor button. I am very familiar with setting points as I am old enough to remember when that's all there was. (I predate electronic ignition by about 2 decades) I set the points at 16 thousandths as that was what the website that I went to (and also a down loaded PDF manual that I paid money for) indicated was correct for both the 305 and the 351. If that is not correct, please enlighten me on what the proper point setting actually is. The new spark plugs are AC Delco R44XL, which was also what was in it. It has a strong spark now and, as posted above, I put the original points back in as the new ones didn't seem to be working. The new ones looked good with proper alignment and appeared to be an exact duplicate of the original ones, they just don't seem to work. (which was why I took them back out. I am very familiar with defective new in the box parts) I have 12 volts at the coil (both sides) with the key on and while cranking and is is definitely not out of gas. It has a manual choke, so that is not an issue either. I will find top dead center of #1 and with the cap off see which distributor cap tower the rotor button is is pointing at and start the firing order from there. Again, if .016 on the points is not correct, what is? While were here, is 5 degrees BTDC the correct timing for these engines?
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