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Default Re: Toro Flow swaps?

Originally Posted by 6066gmcguy View Post
No its not a bolt in swap, but is you find one from a 4000 series truck with a smaller trans like the SM420 it should not be too hard.

The one I have came from a 1964 4000 series with a SM420, I got every thing except the clutch assembly.

I have been thinking it would work good in a my one ton or my Rescue Squad.
When I first read about the toroflo I was really interested in finding one as the turbo models on YT were very cool engines, however the good ones are few and information I found about there being simply no parts available killed my interest. I like the engine but even as a show piece, not a daily driver, it's still hard to justify putting one in a truck when there is no parts available and so many other cool options available.

I kinda like the idea of a Cummins 4BT now since I learned they can produce high HP and torque that is good enough for even the full size trucks. I like 6.2 and 6.9 and they have been put in heavy pickups so i think almost any other option would give good power and economy.

If you have been thinking about cummins vs. toroflow you must plan on driving this rig so in that case I would do the cummins for sure.

BTW, I have have fantasy of having a modified 2 or 3T frame converted to a pickup truck with 853 jimmy and jake brakes, maybe even a twin stick transmission, . Here is a picture of a guys 65 Chev 4000 that he put an 8' pickup box on the back, very cool looking truck would be nice with front diff and a diesel! (hope the picture shows up if not google 65 chevy 4000 and click on the link with images and it should be there.)

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