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I noticed you use a cheater bar to remove the upper control arm. What I did is to use a thread chaser (similar to a die but don't cut any threads) on the exposed thread and then a shot of penetrating oil and the nuts come off easily. Just my thought.
Thanks James, great tip. I did use a cheater and I tend to start with it whether I need it or not

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. I actually am in process of uploading a new video and I mention on it that I can't seem to stop myself from using either a cheater or the breaker bar...assuming everything is torqued to high heaven, but they really aren't. For the most part I could use my ratchet without any help.

The threads aren't a problem on these because they've all been blasted but I will look up the 'thread chaser' for future bolts that aren't. Sounds like something I sure could have used along the way for sure.
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