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Just a quick update. I am doing the youtube video log so I haven't been posting much here obviously. I've gotten the driver's side front about as far as I can get it without the new parts I have on order. Everything is painted (though I am going to have to redo the frame).

Of 3 major parts ordered that I have received so far, all 3 are not the correct part. This is the most frustrating part of the process so far. Calling the suppliers doesn't help either. They just repeat what I have already seen in their catalog and know nothing about cross referencing parts, etc. I'm just having to order and return and I guess that's how it will be for this project (sigh).

The pictures show the frame that I have to repaint because it rained shortly after and it is all bubbled, and the parts that are completed and ready to have the 'new' parts put back on, if I ever get the correct ones.
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