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Hello, interesting build. I would encourage to save as much OEM/original parts as possible, possibly repair rubber seals with new repro ones like on the control arm shafts. The OEM parts fit better and will last longer than any new repro stock.

Already subscribed to your Youtube channel, will follow the progress. Good luck!
Thanks Prowbar! Definitely trying to keep it as stock as possible. The control arm shaft I'm using isn't even a repro, it's just flat not the part for that truck at all! LOL...(sigh)...I've tried everything I could think of to get new seals for the originals I took off of it. They are still in great shape and new seals would really be all it would take but after exhausting all possibilities I'm left with this one option that 'works'.

I'm really hoping this parts thing is just the front end for the most part. I know I'm going to have to come up with something else for the front engine mounts too. But the rest is basically 'standard' for those years. The front is different because, not only is it a '60 but it's a 3/4 ton. But the rear end I 'think' is fairly standard between it and Chevy at least and, obviously, the body, trans and engine are common among all those year's models for the most part.

Anyway, I'll keep posting as it goes back together. As I mentioned in the video, all it takes is money

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. I have to get both new lower control arm shafts now (I do have a line on those) and they are $250 a each...for lousy stinkin control arm shafts!!!?? Anyway, lol.
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