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Default How to upload pictures to your Picture Album

Many of our members have noticed the pictures featured on the opening page of our forum. These pictures are provided by members who have uploaded to their forum Picture Album. Only Picture Albums listed as Public will enter rotation.

To create your own picture albums and enjoy the same fame follow the steps below. Browsing Users are allowed 10 pictures maximum, Registered Users and Donators are allowed 100, Site Supporters are allowed 1000, and Extreme Supporters are allowed 2000.

There are 11 steps including tips.

Step 1
Click the Picture Albums link at the top of the forum.

Step 2
Click on the link titled "Create New Album" on the right.

Step 3
Give your new album a title and optional description. Select your album's privacy. Only Public albums are shown on the main page. Click Submit to begin album creation.

Step 4
Click on any of the three links to upload your photos. All links on this page are interchangeable.

Step 5
Clicking on the choose buttons will allow you to browse your computer. You may choose up to 5 pictures.

Step 6
Browse to your picture and select Open.

Step 7
Click the Upload button.

Step 8
The next page has several options. If you are happy you may simply click Save Changes to continue. Here you may give your picture a caption, move it to a different album if you have created several, set your picture as the album cover, or delete the picture entirely.

Step 9
To add more pictures to an album click on Upload Pictures. If you are finished simply navigate away from the page. Your pictures will show up in the forum rotation momentarily if they are public.

Step 10
Alternatively, you may choose to edit your images and album settings by clicking the link to the right of your album.

Step 11
To post a link to a picture in your album click on the picture, then copy the BBCode shown under the picture.

As always PM me if you have problems and I will be glad to help.

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