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Default Re: 1967 gm tdh 3501

The 3501 and 3502 were the last 'Old Looks' that GM built. They were low cost 35 passenger versions that looked like the conventional 'Old Looks' of previous years, but were substantially different. First off, these buses were powered by Toro-Flow's or 351 gasoline V-6's, and the engines were installed straight in, not transversely. Since the engines were mounted this way the buses didn't use the V-drive transmission. They use regular Allison MT-41 4 speed automatics. The 3501/3502 have leaf spring suspension on both axles, not air ride like many full size 'Old Look' used. 6 stud wheels. Basically they were small, simple, low cost versions of 'Old Looks' for smaller cities. Neat little bus!
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