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Default Re: Toro-Flow- G.M. vs. Cummins

Speaking of the 348/409's 'plank head' combustion chamber, are you familiar with the Ford Super Duty V-8's? They had the same head design. The Super Duty V-8's came in 401, 477, and 534 cubic inch displacements, and were basically scaled up versions of the Lincoln 'MEL' V-8's (though NOTHING interchanges). The Super Duty's were pretty good, but I don't think they were as good as the GMC V-6's. I heard rumors Ford was considering making a diesel version of the Super Duty, but instead got Caterpillar to design a diesel V-8 for them. That Caterpillar was the 1100 series, which was eventually developed into the 3208.

BTW, that injection system on the Detroit 8.2L was a similar to the unit-type injection used on the 53/71/92 series 2 strokes. When my company bought some in the 80's, we sent some guys to the Detroit school to figure out how to work on them. After the class, and seeing how expensive the required special tools were, they came back and said forget it, just take them to the dealer! The trucks were GMC 6500's with non-turbo 8.2L's. No power but we didn't have much trouble out of them.

Glad you enjoyed the article, I found it interesting too.
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