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Default Re: Toro-Flow- G.M. vs. Cummins

Yes, the Allison and Packard Merlin and the huge radial engines were the aircraft engines chosen to use over the V-12 Ford.

A guy who competed in tractor pulls back in the mid & late 1960's and early 1970's used a GAA in a Farmall M. Going from a 248 Cid 1450 rpm 36 hp 4 cylinder to a 1100 Cid V-8 running 3500-4000 rpm caused excess stress to his drivetrain but he drove it like his engine could shred his transmission in a heartbeat. The guys with the Allison and Packards got all the attention but the guy with the GAA did a great job of buidling his tractor. It looked almost factory built.

The GAA has some induction problems, caused plug fouling problems, but today's better understanding of induction and the tunability of fuel injection make those issues a minor annoyance.

What amazes me is the number of these huge gasoline engines produced in decades gone by. Their ability to convert gasoline into burnt hydrocarbons was so great. It's a wonder we have any gasoline left.
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