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Default Re: Toro-Flow- G.M. vs. Cummins

Originally Posted by 10Thumbs View Post

Interesting anecdotal story about the 348-409 engines: when they first came out, the head of the Chevy division asked NASCAR engine guru Smokey Yunick what he thought of them. Smokey's reply was "they were the dumbest, stupidest engine design he'd ever seen. He then enumerated a large number of reasons why he thought this, some of which are contained in this thread. The head of Chevrolet division never spoke to Smokey again, because this man had been one of the main instigators for the design chosen.
Ahhhh, Smokey was The Best! I could never get enough of his wisdom about all things mechanical. I read and reread every one of his "Best Darn Garage in Town" articles in Popular Mechanics. He wrote feature articles in Hot Rod frequently too. The man forgot more about engines than most engineers today will ever know.

You have to admire a person that clearly answers questions when asked.

There's a few great engine builders today that have expanded our understanding of how to make horse power, but Smokey wrote the book most follow now days. Truely a great mind in understanding how an engine works.
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