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Originally Posted by jbgroby View Post
I'm not a Stovebolt member, but noticed one of the members there (Bill T) had a similar problem awhile back.
Here I am. I finally made it back on just tonight. I've been shut out since the notified "upgrade" way back when. I believe it may have been last February. I also know of 1 or 2 others that also had the same problem. I tried every which way to get it to work, but nothing would work. It actually became a comical challenge to try to get it accomplished. After many hints and 2 requests I asked from other forum members who are also members of this site, one volunteered to help and sent a message for me. But wait, even that didn't work. Still heard nothing for weeks. Then just tonight, I decided to give it another try just for the heck of it and I surprisingly got on the page. Still not done yet though, lol. I couldn't get my old password to work. Went through the procedure and finally, mission accomplished.

Glad to be back.
Drove and owned many, but some of the more interesting ones were:

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