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Default Re: 1960 - 62 Fenderside Tailgate

Thanks for the links, for some reason I didn't see those! Lazarus is not worthy of restoration with too many missing parts to start with, so it is being greatly customized. I do my own body work and paint, and would rather spend the time on other parts...since the gate is available at $309-$350. The 55-62 letters are the correct look for Lazarus too. Plenty of energy will be required on rust patches.

It doesn't look horrible, and it still works; but the top roll is banged up all the way around from his previous life of use. POs had something welded on at some point too.

I did consider a generic gate for the top and bottom rail replacements, just like you would section a doner panel to patch other parts of the vehicle. the pierce and tare on the right can also be fixed pretty easily (with patience).

With time on my hands, I am able to wrap up some other projects around the garage and get back to Lazarus.
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