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Default Re: 1966 C1000 cab repair panels

Thanks for the reply AZKen. I've had the truck for 28 years but am not as familiar with the differences between years, models, options etc. as I suppose many others here are. And yes, patching is new to me.

Regarding #8 - I was hoping to find someone that has purchased these panels and can confirm whether they fit on their '66 GMC (with a little massaging, of course). Someone to answer whether the panels I'm getting should fit. If so, I'll know I'll be fabricating the correct piece to fit my misaligned truck versus the wrong piece for my perfectly straight truck.

Some of what I'm seeing makes me think these pieces are not for a '66 GMC...or there is something different about my cab. One piece I tried spans from the inner rocker to where the transmission hump bolts would normally be*. The contours around the gas petal and the little 'gutter' in the center of the floor matched but the cab mount hole didn't line up. How can multiple contours of a stamped piece align perfectly but not have the cab mount hole in the right spot? Or have a curve where it meets the firewall when my firewall is perfectly straight. I can understand a little twisting and tweaking as part of shipping but not differences like that.

*My floorboard is without a transmission cutout - its all one piece.
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