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Default What if I did something wrong?

One member recently emailed me with concerns about posting, rules, and the ban procedure. They were unable to post and mistakenly thought they had done something which resulted in an instant ban.

I want each and every one of you to know that we will never ban a member outright without several warnings.

Each of you is important to this club and it is through you, our members, that we preserve every picture and bit of knowledge about these legendary trucks. Most of us are here from our old Yahoo group where we got along reasonably well. I don't expect anything to change now that we have a modern forum.

The rules therefore are as follows:
  • Posting in the Marketplace is restricted to club members only. This means you must be a full member with dues paid, not a simple forum user.
  • If you post spam you'll be banned immediately. Spam is any link to order russian brides or any pill that you describe with the words "bigger" or "longer".
  • If you fight with another member you'll get a reminder to act your age and not your shoe size. If you fight continually, causing me chase you around all day, every day, you will probably be locked from posting.
  • If you are reported by other members for acting up I'll give you a warning. This goes for any reason.
  • We are a family friendly forum with members ages 9-90. Do not swear on the forum. At all.
  • If you are caught circumventing any protective procedure or overtly attempting to disrupt/hack the forum programming you will be banned immediately. Successful attempts will be reported to the FBI or the investigative unit of your home country.

Generally expect this disciplinary order - Warning>Warning>Post locked>Banned

For other times when extraordinary things go sideways...We will deal with those problems as they arise.

I do not think we will have problems with our members but with a move to a forum format we will be getting alot of the younger crowd so it will be up to all of us to "raise them" with respect for their elders and old GMCs trucks.

While I am on the topic of the under 20 crowd, it's important to bring them on board if we want these old trucks to be loved and preserved. We have a chance to teach them the ins and outs of the GMC V6s and more importantly the *WHY* that they're so important to history.

If you have any questions please ask. We do not want anyone afraid to participate on our forum at any time.


60-66 GMC Club
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