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Exterior, Bodywork, Paint and Glass Beauty is only 4 coats deep...

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Old November 2nd, 2022, 01:17 AM
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Default 66 1500 cab mount bushings

1966 3/4 ton GMC, cab mount bushings looked original and untouched. Bolts fused together with bushings by rust. So ordered cab mount bushings and radiator mount bushings together. All I could find were c10 bushings, nothing specific for gmc or 3/4 ton trucks. However they looked similar when compared to oem bushings.

So radiator bushing orientation on kit has top bolt, square washer, bushing, round washer then radiator brace between, then bushing, round washer, rectangle washer that is supposed to be bent to lock nut into place. Problem I ran into was the top section in truck had bushing and then 2 washers. So I took an extra washer from the kit and made the oem bushing height and new bushing height to match. Other issue I ran into is the rectangle washer is supposed to bend to match the flats on the nut to lock it in place. Good luck, washer was so thick I couldn't bend it. But it went together with some work. Loosen both sides and you will have to move it a bit to get it to all fit.

Now front cab mounts, same fused together with rust, rubber was falling apart. Original had from the top washer bushing washer, cab mount perch, then bushing washer nut, crush sleeve through the middle. Difference was the new one came washer bushing but no bottom washer, however it was the same height as the original, went into place, crush sleeve was a pain to push in through the bottom. Loosen all four mounts to create some movement. New bolt was a bit shorter and thicker then original. But it fit.

Back mount original had washer, bushing, cab perch, bushing washer, and bolt goes up through cab from bottom and gets screwed in to a welded nit on floor. Issue is the new bolt was thicker and would not fit in the welded nut. Had to use the original bolt which was thinner but the length was the same. A little bit of moving cab into place and it fit right in.

Once all was in place and snug, I tightened all the bolts down and test drive. Big bumps feel better, small bumps are a major change. About 2 hours by myself, simple hand tools, WD-40, breaker bar, and I would try knocking as much rust off the bolts with a wire brush or air tool with wore wheel to help with removal. Well worth it I believe, let me know what you think, couldn't find torque specs so just went with strong man tight, not hulk tight. Hope this helps others, or if I messed up and there is a GMC specific kit please direct me to it. Thanks.
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